Nice Fight


Nice FightNice Fight, oil on panels, 2019-2023. Size: radiator.



Nice Fight



Nice Fight









“Find the 2 and you will be kissed tomorrow. 555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555: A Car Show”

 Saturday, June 24, 6:00pm – 8:00pm
Peter Piper Pizza parking lot
Yarbrough Plaza
10501 Gateway West
El Paso, TX 79925


digital mockup


Six new paintings on car covers look to promote US/Mexican border culture awareness by subverting conventional art making ideas through rogue exhibitions. These artworks will be impermissibly displayed as car shows. The painted covers will be draped over vehicles at retail parking lots in El Paso, Texas and later in Newark, Ohio.


Traveling to the birthplace of the lowrider and researching formations of these Mexican-American customized vehicles, and their derivatives, will guide the creation of these painted forms. The paintings will be crafted individually in El Paso during the visit, with each piece inspired by investigations of city wanderings, car club meet-ups, late night cruisers, and visiting custom auto body shops. The painted car covers will point back to the region, people, and culture they influenced, acting as an indirect ambassador to border culture.  Exhibitions of these car covers will be used to combat misconceptions about the region that have been increasingly sensationalized surrounding the rhetoric of our current presidential administration. The unexpected and unsolicited public encounters between the artworks and viewers aspire to provoke curiosity, discussion and impact change.


Represented here will be lives hedged between two worlds: the abstract and the recognizable, 2D and 3D, art and utility, Spanish and English, tomayto and tomahto. The presented works will be neither one thing or the other, not truly this or that, but this AND that. Unclear definitions, unrecognizable forms and foreign bodies can activate insecurities or even fear; butt, through nervous laughter, these works will instill hybridization as a positive, letting passersby question their place in relation to the works, perceptual and/or otherwise, mid-giggle. The goal is to embrace ambiguity as a means for wonder, a site to probe freely, to imagine, resist and rebel – illuminating productive spaces situated between belief and disbelief.


KEITH ALLyN SPENCER (b.1979) was born and raised in El Paso, Texas. An emphasis with the middle letter of his name helps diminish the perpetual mix-ups with similar named persons. Currently, Kurt resides with his family in central Ohio. He is an Assistant Professor at Denison University navigating towards long-term job security, cul-de-sacs, and organic groceries. Kent received his MFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Fine Arts (2011) and a BFA from the University of Texas at El Paso (2003). BlackLivesMatter. Recent group exhibitions consist of Skylab Gallery (Columbus), Present Company (NYC), New Galerie at Yves Klein Archives (Paris), Simon Oldfield Gallery (London), and BigMedium (Austin). Recent solo shows include Ditch Projects (Oregon), The Composing Rooms (Berlin), Welcome Screen (London), Juicys Gallery (NYC), OFG.XXX (Dallas), Target (Indiana), and Domino’s Pizza (Rhode Island).





OxGord Economy Auto Cover – 1 Layer Dust Cover – Lowest Price – Ready-Fit / Semi Glove Fit fro SUV, Van, and Truck – Fits up to 206 Inches




OFG.XXX / PUSHKIN & GOGOL / Kevin Rubén Jacobs presents:


“OxGord Economy Auto Cover – 1 Layer Dust Cover – Lowest Price – Ready-Fit / Semi Glove Fit fro SUV, Van, and Truck – Fits up to 206 Inches”

by Keith Allyn Spencer

Thursday, November 10, 2016 — Daytime

Home Depot, 6110 Lemmon Avenue, Dallas, TX 75209
Walmart Supercenter, 6185 Retail Road, Dallas, TX 75231
Hobby Lobby, 3178 Lavon Drive, Garland, TX 75040
Papa John’s, 3501 McKinney Avenue, Dallas, TX 75204

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Adequate for a dust cover, but I really needed it as sun protection. It offers some relief, but it’s a bit too thin to keep out the heat. Also, it doesn’t have obvious markings to tell which end is front or back when unfolding it. I had to paint markings on it myself to keep from fussing each time I use it. It’s like those booties you get in a hospital, except it’s larger, and worn with the elastic rim down. I guess the description could be little bit more specific about what this cover covers from and not. Anyway, it fits my Jeep Commander well, but looks better on a Nissan Altima full-size sedan or similar. It’s been one week so far, so I cannot attest to its durability.

Rustoleum Spray paint does just that. I used to decorate the surface dried to the touch in only a couple of hours, tacky in 20 minutes. Great for quick art projects. Absorbent material needs either an undercoat of white paint, or get ready to take out your pocketbook. Black looks like dark grey. White looks like light grey. Orange looks like orange-grey and grey looks like grey-grey. Blue only looks like blue because of a doubly white sprayed layer put down beforehand. Can-control is essential so you don’t have a concentrated spot of spray paint dripping through. Plastic Drop Cloths (Common: 10-ft x 25-ft; Actual 10-ft x 25-ft), Item # 593659 Model # RSLW3510-25C do not biodegrade.

Super friendly staff. The staff is so much fun to talk to. The staff are extremely nice, knowledge and down to earth. They always have great things going on for everyone in the family to enjoy, even classes! My daughter has attended camp at the Irving Art’s Center for three years now, so far this year she has been there for 3 weeks. They run all through summer and change weekly so it different so she does not get bored! She loves the staff, which are great, some of the teachers there are art teachers from the Irving ISD. The staff at Solis’s wedding was drunk, but so was everyone else.

I had a wonderful experience at this store. I went in to have some holes drilled into some sheet metal that I was going to mount on my wall. Dona was extremely helpful and found a better way to mount the piece of art. Also, while Dona and I were working on my painting project the rest of her team went and shopped for my list of items I needed. Very happy with the service I received to make my house great again! This associates are extremely knowledgeable and if they are knowledgeable they connect me with the people who are. My favorite associate is Kindrick, he is such an amazing individual with great painting skills. I love this store!

Some of the most kind and friendly Customer Service people are at Walmart! the return and exchange process is easy here. People there, as in fellow customers, are nice, save for the occasional crying baby, but you’ll find that anywhere. It has a subway sandwhich shop inside, which is nice. They even help their employees get food stamps. One thing, or two actually, that can use some work is employee attitude and serviciablity, which has arguably gotten better over the time. Long lines are still a problem. Good Walmart.

I find most of my house decors here, After I just left this location, I have never felt more uncomfortable shopping ever, I had a staff member by the name of Deane literally follow me everywhere i went in store and by everywhere I even mean the restroom, she followed me into the girl restroom and literally waited until I was done with my business and followed me right back out, She even had security follow my family around the store, as my mother and I were about to pay for our items she’s literally walking right behind us, so my mother finally confronts her about her following us and she basically said she found us suspicious how we were walking around the whole store, good thing their workers insurance plans still allows employees to get Viagra and vasectomies.

WTF!!! not pleased!!!! Site says located in McKinney when actually in Dallas. Sleepover ruined!!! Thanks a lot “papa” johns!!!! 14 cents extra my ass

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KEITH ALLyN SPENCER (b. 1979, El Paso, TX) was born and raised in the American desert southwest border region. An emphasis w/ the middle letter of his name helps diminish the perpetual mix-up with similar named persons: Keith Spencer, Kevin Spencer, Kenneth Allan Spencer, Spencer Kenny Allen, Kanye West, so on and so forth. Currently, Kurt resides with his family right outside Columbus, Ohio, USA. He is an Assistant Professor at Denison University. Kent has showcased his works in various group shows, “p0p-up” spaces, coffee shops, bars, blogs and academic galleries. Most recently, Karl has been in group shows at Skylab Gallery (Columbus, OH), Present Company (Brooklyn, NY), Evelyn Yard (London, UK), and w/ New Galerie at Yves Klein Archives (Paris, France). He has held solo exhibitions at Pay Fauxn (Brooklyn, NY), Ditch Projects (Springfield, OR), The Composing Rooms (Berlin, Germany), Welcome Screen (London, UK), Oliver Francis Gallery, Target, Domino’s Pizza and the Rhode Island Credit Union, so help you God.

OFG.XXX (b. 2011) is an independent curatorial project spawned from a now defunct brick and mortar gallery space in Old East Dallas. OFG.XXX operated as a powerlifting gym for some time around the time it was on dialysis.




Ditch Projects


ditch projects

Keith Allyn Spencer: Thank God I am Not God
April 9 – 30, 2016
Opening Saturday, April 9, 6-9pm

“Energy, especially that of color, is the most important element in Keith [Spencer’s] landscape and figure paintings that come to life with no formal studies other than a rudimentary midnight sketch using more notes than lines. Painting directly on canvas with broad strokes of oil produces softly realistic and semi-acbstract works. Spencer’s beloved horses, the human figure and rural scenes of South Carolina’s upstate and lowcountry vibrate with life and invite the viewer into a world of glowing color and gentle shapes. Spencer paints the radiant energy of his subjects rather than the details of line and form. Horses, cattle, groves of trees, rolling hills, salt marshes, and nudes all emit a life force that combines with that of Spencer [himself] to appear on the canvas in cool, vivid hues of purples, greens, yellows, and the myriad colors of nature.”

“If I could paint, I’d want to paint the way he does. I’m blown away by his work. Keith Spencer’s sense of structure is impeccable. Nobody uses Cadmium Red to better advantage. His painting approach is fresh and energetic, but with substance.”

“[Keith Spencer] …is an exceptional painter…his work is very strong.”

“I have collected the work of Keith Spencer for many years now, and I live with his paintings everyday. Keith’s work radiates from the walls of my house. It is no exaggeration to say that the best of his work possesses a profound energy that comes from a remarkably unique and intense pallette and a deep connection with the subject matter, whether it’s the familiar landscape of the South Carolina horse farm where he lives and paints, or the nudes, portraits and Indians that seem to live even in abstraction. The earliest works I own of Keith’s are exact realism and could be mistaken for photographs in their precision. He has earned his way to the new and visionary work he creates that blurs the line between realism and pure abstraction. The discipline of his former life as a realist comes through the paint. His work is alive.”

“Free and confident. These words describe the work of Keith Spencer. His excellence in color—–his strength in brushwork….this draws you into his paintings—-then you become fascinated by his interpretive landscapes and figurative work. His brush seems to dance on the canvas. I am sure his work will delight us for years to come. I look forward to “what next” from this talented artist.”

“Rythmic, strong brushwork is a prevalent force in Keith Spencer’s paintings. His images are built with and enhanced by richly loaded color. Many times hovering between realism and abstraction these images strike a note that is familiar with our visual understanding
of nature, yet allows for a conceptual response as well. The painter frequently begins with a deeply toned background, that he allows to become part of the painting, and that contributes to a strong feeling of unity. His paintings address the landscape or figure with an engaging freshness. While being grounded by excellent draftsmanship, he allows the work to be expressive and open to chance. This is not an easy line to walk and Spencer’s work balances these elements well. The result is that this artists paintings are unusually
vibrant and inviting .”

“Keith’s work really is very strong. He is both an expressive painter and a true colorist.”

“Keith Spencer’s rich, luscious oils capture the light and depth of the southern landscape as few artists can. His realism is textural and thick, encouraging the viewer to enter the painting and become a partof his world. ”

“You don’t have the choice not to paint. You never really did”.

“As a gallery owner and professional artist myself, I have always had a great respect and admiration for the talent and vision of Keith Spencer. The base of knowledge upon which Keith builds his work shows a depth of understanding that is rare in contemporary artists. I feel that Keith’s understanding of color, composition, and movement, allow him to create works that function on both a figurative and abstract level. If realism is about subject matter and abstracts are about paint, Keith’s work bridges the gap. That is one reason I have found his work to have such widespread appeal. The average viewer does not have to search for a connection to the work. The confidence and richness in Keith’s paintings allows the viewer to simply trust in the beauty that the artist has communicated. I have had the pleasure of working with Keith Spencer for a number of years and have watched his work evolve. Throughout all of this process there has been a string of continuity that I call the artist voice. His work is still evolving and refining, as all true artist’s work should. I look forward to seeing the path on which it will take us as the viewers.”

KEITH ALLyN SPENCER (b.1979) was born and raised in the American Southwest. An emphasis with the middle letter of his name helps diminish the perpetual mix-ups with similar named persons. Currently, Kurt resides with his family in Bloomington, Indiana. He is a Visiting Assistant Professor navigating towards long-term job security, cul-de-sacs, and organic groceries. BlackLivesMatter. Kent received his MFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design (2011) and a BFA from the University of Texas at El Paso (2003). Recent group exhibitions consist of Present Company (NYC), New Galerie at Yves Klein Archives (Paris), Simon Oldfield Gallery (London), and BigMedium (Austin). Recent solo shows include The Composing Rooms (Berlin), Welcome Screen (London), Juicys Gallery (NYC), OFG.XXX (Dallas), Target (Indiana), and Domino’s Pizza (Rhode Island).

200 N. Walnut, coffee and donuts, 3/20, 9am


only answer

I will bring the coffee AND donuts, you just bring your sleepy head. Join me Sunday morning while I paint a billboard space on the corner of 6th and Walnut in Bloomington, Indiana.

Thanks to Ana Meza and Rose Harding from the Your Art Here organization for asking me to participate on this project.

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“Only the Answer the Question Asked”

There is nothing here about saving children from bleating bombs in religious lands, or even about quote unquote natives screaming at quote unquote illegals to stop taking away veterans benefits. There is nothing here to show disdain for high capacity automatic weaponry being carried into fast-food restaurants scaring the souls of parents needing to explain to their children 2nd amendment rights written 200+ years ago. This is a political statement about political positioning – the positioning of power and privilege — privileged way too much to truly know discomfort and discrimination. Thus and hereby, are the effects of such a position:

This work is disrupting a moment. In direct contact and in the midst of global woes, they seize a time to raise questions beckoning to be answered against that which makes them seem utterly frivolous in comparison. It appears as a distraction; yet, there is an unmeasurable, indirect justice for this object to enter your space and begin making efforts of change. It is part of an unconscious collective made concrete and now exposed, shared and given, injected at times without notice or desire. Its potential will unknowingly arise in others somehow somewhere, to help instigate eventual rise-ups and walk-outs in response to perpetual shut-ups and sit-downs.

KEITH ALLyN SPENCER was born and raised in the American Southwest. He resides with his family in Bloomington, Indiana where he works as a Visiting Assistant Professor at Indiana University. He received his MFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design (2011) and a BFA in Painting from the University of Texas at El Paso (2003). BlackLivesMatter. Recent group exhibitions consist of New Galerie at Yves Klein Archives (Paris), Simon Oldfield Gallery (London), Ditch Projects (Oregon), BigMedium (Austin), and Mixed Greens (NYC). Recent solo shows include The Composing Rooms (Berlin), Welcome Screen (London), Juicys Gallery (NYC), Oliver Francis Gallery (Dallas), Target (Indiana), and Domino’s Pizza (Rhode Island).

ROSE HARDING was born and raised in Indianapolis, IN. She is based in Bloomington, IN and currently pursuing a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Sculpture from Indiana University.

Rose’s work frequently attempts to reconcile disillusionment with the physical body as a symptom of living in a patriarchal society and does so through video work, found object sculpture, and poetic gesture.

ANA MEZA is an artist born in Barranquilla,Colombia. She received an associate degree in Design Technology from IvyTech Community College 2011 and is currently studying Interior Design and Sculpture at Indiana University in Bloomington. Common themes in her art work include immigration, social identity, political structures, and how these issues can transform a space.

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INSTALLED: AMC Showcase Bloomington 11


No Skateboarding, Rollerblading, BMXing, OR Grinding, installed and left at AMC Showcase Bloomington 11, 1351 S College Mall Rd, Bloomington, IN 47401.

No Skateboarding, Rollerblading, BMXing, OR Grinding

No Skateboarding, Rollerblading, BMXing, OR Grinding

INSTALLED: Jump-N-Joey’s


It S Just Like Dat

Installed and left at Jump-N-Joey’s, 108 North Curry Pike, Bloomington, IN 47404.

It S Just Like Dat, wood, paint residue, laser-jet print on paper, flour-paste, staple, 2012


It S Just Like Dat

It S Just Like Dat

It S Just Like Dat



Is the title of the establishment meant to be read as “Jumping Joey’s” or as “Jump and Joey’s”? If the former, wouldn’t it make more sense to write the name as “Jumpin’ Joey’s”, right? Just saying….Happy 8th to my big boi!


INSTALLED: Monroe County Public Health Clinic


Makes You Big and Strong installed at Monroe County Public Health Clinic located at 333 E. Miller Drive, Bloomington, Indiana.


Makes You Big and Strong

Makes You Big and StrongMakes You Big and StrongMakes You Big and Strong



the best is when there s already a nail in the wall waiting for me



Installed and left at Pizza Hut, located at 110 E. Winslow Road, Bloomington, Indiana.


ponytail express



pOnytail eXpress pOnytail eXpress, ol’ dirty dishrag, various plywood parts, professional student grade acrylic paint, staples. 11.11″ tall +-, 2013





upcoming upcoming upcoming


Andrew Mania
Blue Stripes
Coloured pencil on maple veneer and cloth.

The Honeymoon Suite

Simon Oldfield Gallery

12th June – 11th July 2014

Private view invitation
Wednesday 11th June 2014
6 – 8pm


Bruce Ingram and Andrew Mania
Simon Foxall and Matthew Robert Hughes
Michael Pybus and Keith Allyn Spencer

Bruce Ingram, Simon Foxall and Michael Pybus play with notions of romance, sentimentality, luxury and earnest indulgence, and the architecture of investment, collaborating with their ‘art sweetheart’ on a room each within our latest project space, an Edwardian apartment in the heart of Mayfair.

Bruce Ingram’s installation grows out of the arrangement and placement of imagery and objects collected from the artist’s studio. The overlooked and discarded are impermanently arranged, shifting between two-dimensional and three dimensional space, evoking perhaps pleasure garden or a complex flower arrangement. A delicate framework of sticks, branches and wire, fastened together and suspended from the ceiling act as a three-dimensional line drawing, as gentle as it is robust, that parallels the intimate and sensual portraits of invited artist Andrew Mania. Mania’s portraits play as much with image as they do with the process of interpreting and absorbing it, the construction of effect being palpable in the physicality of the objects through which the portraits manifest themselves. Ingram and Mania unite to explore avenues of repression and desire, looking and looking away, a clarity within the imminence of its own undoing.

Michael Pybus creates an installation that references retail spaces and display, paying homage to Keith Haring’s Pop Shop, iconic Post Modern designers Memphis-Milano and the translation of subversive design into motifs appropriated by high street brands such as American Apparel and Ikea. With collaborator Keith Allyn-Spencer, Pybus appears to install a retail environment within The Honeymoon Suite, with paintings made of blocks of wood and strips of torn t-shirts, hung next to hand printed t-shirts on retail display fittings and mannequins, accompanied by handmade teddy bears in garish IKEA fabrics. Pybus and Allyn-Spencer reference the mechanisms of seduction in retail spaces through work that relates specifically to bodily physicality, whether the work is to be admired, worn or cuddled, the individual response mediated through conversations around persuasive interior space, mass production and choreographed sensuality.

Simon Foxall and collaborator Matthew Robert-Hughes take motifs of Disco and mythology as metonymic of utopian impulse, emergence, and the investment in escapist fantasy. The installation implies parallels between the high ‘70s luxe of disco culture and the supernatural occupants of Mount Olympus, drawing in conversations about totemic location, seductive narrative hero worship or fan love. Part of the installation will comprise a large wall painting, referencing billboard movie posters and swimming pool murals that evoke exotic locations and adventurous activity. This will occupy the space along with various work on paper, sculptures and found objects. Robert-Hughes brings a fascination with emblems of mysticism found through channels of popular culture to Foxall’s interest in appropriating film characters as vessels of personal experience to develop a joint practice exploring luxury, allure, adoration and worship.

The Honeymoon Suite is approached by each collaborative partnership as a departure point, constructed in codes, perhaps euphemistic, playing with ideas of camp and artifice but with tenderness and authenticity. If the honeymoon suite is a metaphor, then it could speak of a fine line between the conformity of a preplanned architecture of desire and seduction and its validity in expressions of the unique, personal and reverent, and the points at which they fracture and collapse into one another.

The Honeymoon Suite will be accompanied by a program of screenings and performances within the space.  Curated by Bruce Ingram & Simon Foxall

Simon Oldfield, First Floor, 128 Mount St, Mayfair, London.

Opening Hours

Wednesday – Friday 11am – 6pm | Saturday 12-4pm


Information and sales:

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gestalt, toon


Keith AllYn Spencer

Friday May 9, 2014 — Saturday May 31, 2014

Manhattan Mini Storage
220 South Street Room 02865,
New York, New York

F at 2nd Ave.

Everything Not Saved Will B Lost

Juicys Gallery Juicys Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of new paintings by Keith AllYn Spencer, on view at Manhattan Mini Storage, 220 South Street in New York. Please join us for an opening reception on Thursday, May 8, from 6-8pm. RSVP required.

KEITH ALLyN SPENCER was born and raised in the American desert southwest border region. An emphasis w/ the middle letter of his name helps diminish the perpetual mix-up with similar named persons: Keith Spencer, Kevin Spencer, Kenneth Allan Spencer, Spencer Kenny Allen, Kanye West, so on and so forth.

Currently, Kurt resides with his family in Bloomington, Indiana, USA – the tie-dye capital of the world. He is a (just) Visiting Assistant Professor at Indiana University, trying to navigate towards long-term job security, cul-de-sacs, and organic groceries. Kent has showcased his works in various group shows, “p0p-up” spaces, coffee shops, bars, blogs and academic galleries. Most recently, Karl has held solo exhibitions at Welcome Screen, Oliver Francis, Target, Domino’s Pizza and the Rhode Island Credit Union so help you God.

Juicys Gallery is a pop-up exhibition platform based in New York City. Founded in 2014, Juicys Gallery capitalizes on the affordability and ubiquity of the self-storage industry to create temporary gallery situations.


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pulse ny

PULSE NY    —-

Pulse Prize Nomination:
Keith Allyn Spencer [American]
Booth C2 | solo booth w / PHALANX [IMPULSE] | Brooklyn, NY

There’s more info the Fair Guide:



Looks on Paper


303 S. 5th Avenue #165
Springfield OR 97477

March 15-29
Opening reception Saturday March 15, 6-9 PM

Ditch Projects is pleased to present LOOKS ON PAPER, curated by Calvin Marcus (Los Angeles, CA) and Donald Morgan (Eugene, OR), a group show of works on paper by Alex Becarra, Ben Brunnemer, Michael Dopp, Ron Graff, Matthew Clifford Green, Roger Herman, David Korty, Nick Lowe, Calvin Marcus,Donald Morgan, Rebecca Morris,Laura Owens, Tyson Reeder, Justin Schaefer, Keith Allyn Spencer, and Whiting Tennis.

….Even Animals near the Classis of plants seem to have the most restlesse motions. The Summer-worm of Ponds and plashes makes the long waving motion; the Hair-worm seldome lies still. He that would behold a very anomalous motion, may observe it in the Tortile and tiring stroaks of Gnat-worms.
-Sir Thomas Browne



2K14 Mix-CD — Amigos Publishing


keithallyn_amigos publishing



AMIGOS #3 of Volume 1 — 2K14 mix-CDs


40 tracks of painting-inspired sounds

Click HERE or HERE and maybe HERE .

Check out some other great stuff you have probably never heard of in your whole entire life!


INSTALLED: Neighbor’s House


any help helps


The painting was installed and left in my dear neighbor’s house. A nice guy with a real nice little family with kids the same age as ours — He asked if we would take care of his cats while they left for Thanksgiving break. I obliged and thought it opportune to leave a little painting as a memento of our friendship.

For the first few days, I couldn’t imagine one of my previous paintings fitting within their home. It had to be something more somber and quiet, easily nestling in the background and not screaming out “Hey! It’s me, your neighbor!!” Needless to say, I created this work specifically in mind for them.

Admittedly, I was nervous about their return and curious about their reaction hoping they didn’t feel insulted or as though I was invading their privacy. They ended up being pleasantly surprised, laughing about and liking my “performance” as he described. I like that and I like how it ties in with what artist Robert Morris stated, “The object has not become less important. It has merely become less self-important.” Yesss, the painting is important, but all of this is not just about the painting.

Any Help Helps


Any Help Helps





workone, bloomington, in

Sometimes I Feel 100 Sometimes I Feel 12 installed and left at WorkOne,450 S. Landmark Avenue, Bloomington, IN.


workone, bloomington


Sometimes I Feel 100 Sometimes I Feel 12


By far, this sculpture, has been one of my all time favorites. It was a sort of pivotal piece in that it allowed me to break a few of my own rules and not feel bad about it. Painting on the front became okay here and bringing the actual armature of the piece forward was a new component for my painting repertoire. Eventually the wood structure became directly conspicuous and was able to meander back and forth, covered and not, from the back to front like an adopted child — no problem.

So why let it go?? Why install it, leaving it behind for someone who may not give a damn? Or rather, why not leave it behind for them? At the end of the day, it’s a sacrifice, a gift to the painting gods, an atonement for my prejudice against what I/we/you might deem the unsophisticated, unaware and uncultured. OR, I just wanted to mess with somebody’s day, baffle them and provoke them to handle the painting, take it home and hang it on their own wall or throw it in the trash. It’s a pivotal point for them — monetary value aside, what is thing worth? My soul is in their hands. Besides, everyone needs a little helps sometimes.







Leaving La Vida Loca


Leaving La Vida Loca installed and left at Target, 2966 E. 3rd Street, College Mall, Bloomington, IN.


Leaving La Vida Loca


Leaving La Vida Loca




upcoming upcoming upcoming



Illustration, mark-making, and painting by 15 artists from Texas and 15 from Europe. Featuring techniques, narratives, and sensibilities that offer solutions to the encumbered existence of image-makers and appreciators alike.

Seth Alverson (Houston), Briar Bonifacio (Austin), Ryan Thayer Davis (Austin), Wayne Moon Dean (Bryan/College Station), Nathan Ellefson (Austin), Russell Etchen (Austin), Frederick Follmer (Austin), Peyton Freiman (Austin), Nathan Green (Dallas), Lane Hagood (Houston), Kai Peter Martin (Denton), Pat Snow (Austin), Keith Allyn Spencer (El Paso), Esther Pearl Watson (Dallas/Ft Worth) and Cherie Weaver (Austin)

Craig Atkinson (England), Sarah-Louise Barbett (France), Bloeme van Bon (Netherlands), Nicolas Burrows (England), Jay Cover (England), Félix Decombat (France), William Edmonds (England), Giada Ganassin (Italy), Chris Harnan (England), Geran Knol (Netherlands), Faye Coral Johnson (England), Jeffrey Kriksciun (Sweden), Paul Loubet (France), Mike Redmond (England) and Lars Rosenbohm (Germany)

Exhibition dates:           October 19 – November 24, 2013
Opening reception:       October 19, 2013, 7-10pm
Address:                       5305 Bolm Rd #12, Austin, TX 78721
Gallery hours:               Fri-Sat, 12-4pm and by appointment

Big Medium is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to supporting and promoting contemporary art in Texas. Big Medium produces the East Austin Studio Tour, the West Austin Studio Tour, the Texas Biennial, and presents innovative exhibitions throughout the year. Big Medium provides affordable studio space to artists, and partners with various organizations in Texas to help foster the arts and facilitate an inclusive cultural dialogue between artists and their communities.

Further information is available at or you can email

Big Medium is supported by generous contributions from private donors and funded in part by the City of Austin through the Economic Growth & Redevelopment Services Office/Cultural Arts Division believing an investment in the Arts is an investment in Austin’s future.



kroger, painting, art

There S A Snake N My Boot installed and left at Kroger, located at 528 S College Ave, Bloomington, IN 47403.


there s a snake n my boot



There S A Snake N My Boot


This painting wan’t necessarily one of my favorites for quite some time. I had wrapped it up, put it away and for some reason it was calling out to me from inside the box, “Keiiith! Keeeeiiiiiittthhhh!!!!” Eventually, while digging up another packaged work, there it was, right on top of the pile. “Keeeeeiiiiiiiiith….You came for me!” I hadn’t. More so, it came to me. A newfound love was harnessed, but the kind of love meant to let go and shared with others. Now that this painting is gone, I yearn for it. We had some good memories, though.




INSTALLED: Holiday Inn Express


holiday inn express


Angel Aragon installed and left at Holiday Inn Express, 5500 Tuttle Crossing Blvd, Dublin, Ohio 43016.

holiday express


After a long road trip, hauling a trailer full of your belongings and traveling with your lovely wife, a six year old and a terrible-two toddler, and stalling out in five o’clock traffic, nothing beats getting a 40% discount rate on a nice, cool, comfortable hotel room where Coors Light is free on tap and chicken strips and chocolate cookies are overly abundant. 5 Stars *****

Angel Aragon

Angel  Aragon, fine artist oil paint, crotch mesh from an old pair of my swimming trunks, discarded art pieces, scrap wood, boogers, staples, 2011, 11 1/21″ x 7 1/2″






INSTALLED: Chips Auto Transport


Chip's Auto Transport, Walpole

Door-Stop Thief Faces 15 2 20, installed and left at Chips Auto Transport295 Union Street, East Walpole, Massachusetts.

Chip's Auto Transport, Walpole





Door-Stop Thief Faces 15 to 20

oil, canvas, several different wooden door stops, paint residue, staples, 2011, 6 1/4″ x 6 3/88″


I highly highly recommend using Chips if your transporting your vehicle long distances — very polite, prices seem fair, and they act like they want your business despite other New England businesses — Sheesh!