“Find the 2 and You Will Be Kissed Tomorrow. 555…” is a set of car cover paintings originally inspired by Mexican American customized vehicles on the border of El Paso, Texas. Each artwork was inspired by city wanderings, car club meet-ups, late night cruisers, and custom auto body shops. The painted car covers reflect the region, people, and culture Spencer has been influenced by, indirectly pointing back to life along the borderland. The unexpected encounters between the artworks and viewers aspire to bring spontaneous humor and disruption to public spaces, asking unsuspecting audiences to consider what the heck is that! This project is ongoing and shifts between actual car cover paintings installed in various spaces and paintings or drawings about them.


car cover car cover




                     car cover


Find the 2 and you will be kissed tomorrowFind the 2 and you will be kissed tomorrow

Find the 2 and you will be kissed tomorrow


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