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almost Relevant –> Keith Allyn Spencer

Opening Reception: November 10, 6 – 10pm

Oliver Francis Gallery, 209 S. Peak Street, Dallas, TX 75226, (817) 879 8231

Exhibition Dates: November 10 – December 01, by appointment only

“The pieces utter not taking people, places and things for granted: the painting stretcher, the places they occupy, and the ability to pursue painting instead of volunteering at the local soup kitchen or Afghan military outpost. They depict a fortunate state of being where I am able to partake in what, self-admittedly at times, feels inane and unproductive within the larger scheme of things.

Sometimes there is a level of guilt associated with my art making. I feel guilty for wanting to paint, to make paintings, for wanting others to experience them, to talk about them and in the end serve my own ego. Deep down inside though, I want these to move people, to create change, and somehow be an antidote for the ills of our society. I have little faith that merely looking at an artwork can evoke the power needed to urge someone to help. It is hard to believe that such a subtle gesture in life can change anything. What I really want is for these works to directly move others into constructive action. Do not ask me how.”

Keith Allyn Spencer was born and raised in the desert southwest border town of El Paso, Texas. Along with his wife and older son, they are recent transplants to the New England area with the exception of their baby boy who was born last year in Rhode Island – an unavoidable, yet acceptable detriment to their proud Tex-Mex identity. Spencer has showcased his works in various group shows such as New American Talent 20th Exhibition, the 2009 Texas Biennial, Boston Young Contemporaries, various “pop-up” spaces, coffee shops, bars, blogs and academic art galleries. Most recently, Spencer has held solo exhibitions at various regional venues including: Burlington Coat Factory, Walmart, the US Post Office, Home Depot, Women and Infants Hospital, the Center for Obstetrics & Gynecology, SpeeDee Oil Change and others.

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