Post-Walmart Moral Hangover

Post-Walmart Moral Hangover, filthy disgusting dusty plywood panel found in the outskirts of Hell, student purchased acrylic p

print, Post-Walmart Moral Hangover


Supermarket Sweep

Supermarket Sweep, wooden plank “A”, wooden plank “B”, professional artists pastel, hobbyist acrylic p

print, Supermarket Sweep


Want Breakfast-N-Bed Sleep N the Kitchen

Want Breakfast-N-Bed Sleep N the Kitchen, some wood, some paint, some pastel bits/dust/chunks, some clay, some thread, some lo

Dry Wet Hair w/ Hot Air

Dry Wet Hair w/ Hot Air, too many materials used unworthy of mentioning, 10.10″ wiiide -+, 2014     (backside

Everything Not Saved Will B Lost

Everything Not Saved Will B Lost, professional fine artist plywood, amateur fine artist acrylic paint. 9.0″ tall (DIPTY

Ankle Breaker

Ankle Breaker, wood, paint, water, 13″ -+ tall, 2014   (.75 view)    


Snowoman, solid and liquid materials, 14″ tall -+, 2014 (3/4 view)        

print, King of the Boss

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print, Right to Suffer

print, Creative Prayers


print, Friends w/Out Leadership Qualities


print, Stagnant Water Under the Bridge

Mrs. Tough Guy

Mrs. Tough Guy, students’ acrylic paint, pastel, plywood, wife’s old worn-out pajamas, staples. 9.99″ tall -

Act Like You Are Quiet

    Act Like You Are Quiet, plywood, plywood, pastel, pastel, pastel, underwear, staple, staple, staple, staple, st

print, Act Like You Are Quiet

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