Bad Freestyle Rapper: You Get What You Pay For


Bad Freestyle Rapper: You Get What You Pay For, white cotton t-shirt found on Billy Taylor basketball courts, plywood found at Billy Taylor park renovation/construction site, student grade acrylic paint found in the art store, staples found in the hardware store, drop-cloth canvas bits, my son’s old denim jean seams, 22.22233993982″ tall -+, 2012





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Spy Kids Two

Spy Kids Two


Spy Kids Two, slate board, acrylic paint, staples, paper, flour, water, mix well, 14 1/3″ tall -+, 2012


backside revealed





Kinda miss Cholos

Kinda miss Cholos, son’s old clean underwear with doodoo stain, found plywood, staples, 7.001″ tall, 2012

front-side revealed —– HA!




Upcoming Upcoming Upcoming Upcoming


September 20 – November 3, 2012

opening reception: Thursday, September 20, 7–10pm

@ 204 Westminster, 2nd Floor, Providence, Rhode Island, USA

The term ‘utopia’ derives from the Greek words ou (“not”) and topos (“place”), which translates simply to “not a place.” By contrast, a eutopia, eu (“good”) and topos (“place”) translates to “good place,” which can be a place of ideal well-being – as a practical aspiration compared with utopia as an impossible concept. / . a group show / the last one? / w/ works by:

Ara Peterson
Jim Drain
Brian Chippendale
Keith Allyn Spencer
Clayton Schiff
Arley Marks
Eamon Brown
Muffy Brandt
Lauren Pakradooni
Annabeth Marks
Craig Smith Dermody
Adam Morosky
Jay Zehngebot
Sam Keller
Tabitha Piseno



October 5th – 27th, 2012 

opening reception: Friday, October 5th, 7-10pm

@ 461 Main St., Pawtucket, RI 

Curated w/ Allison Paschke and Lynne Harlow, the exhibition will present works engaged with Interaction and Immersion.
Site-specific installations by:
Allison Paschke
Paul Myoda
Nestor Armando Gil
Andrew Lloyd Goodman
Kelly Egan
Graham Heffernan
Matt Underwood
Emma Hogarth
Stephanie Pender
Mark Cetilia
Naho Taruishi
Keith Allyn Spencer       




//// Adjunct Lecturer Exhibition ////
Department of Visual Art @ Brown University
List Art Center, Inner Lobby

Sept. 14 – Sept. 27
Opening reception: Wednesday, Sept. 19, 5-7pm

Jonathan Edwards
Jonathan Ehrenberg
Amber Heaton
Diane Hoffman
Keith Allyn Spencer
Miguel Trelles
Simonette Quamina


Classes will still be in session…….if you know what I mean.




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