construction worker mess

grocery store streak

boys will be boys

with infants only

mime costume

zombie dad

neighbor’s kid

working santa

get along lil doggie

get along lil doggie, wood, fine ass artist oil paints (Bob Ross), canvas drop-cloth, staples, Burger King buy one get one fre


ksjdowinfsddnneenelaape’ads’dnj, got some oil, got some wood, got some canvas, got some dirt, got some cash –

It’s a Delivery Truck Rocket Ship

It’s a Delivery Truck Rocket Ship, made w/ the traditional paint materials: oil, wood, canvas, and of course staples. Du



Spiderman man

Look funny

Kids asleep


Brad Pitt

INSTALLED: Burlington Coat Factory

According 2 0perable Laws d W0rld Operates was installed today at Burlington Coat Factory in Rumford, Rhode Island. Besides th

Ho Zay

Jesus haircut

Joe Pickett

Joe Pickett, oil, canvas, old SpongeBob pajamas (not mine, my son’s), some sawdust, sprinkles, pony hair, staples, wood,

Plastic Surgery

Fernando Valenzuela

Fernando Valenzuela, oil, canvas, wood, parts, bits, pieces, filthy ass filth, staples, dimensions vary (two parts), stir, mi

Dentist. Appointment.

Get Down

Randall Cunningham

Randall Cunningham, oil paint, my son’s old underwear (“Thomas and Friends” edition), studio filth, staples,

Husband Home?

C’mon, Dawg

Heathcliff Huxtable

Heathcliff Huxtable , oil on canvas w/ wood, staples, filth, grime, paint residue (m/m), two parts, dimensions: 7″ tall

Darryl Strawberry

Darryl Strawberry, wood, oil paint, canvas, some filthy ass-shit, staples, no nails or screws or bolts or nuts, but you gotta

Tray spill

Protest advertisements

Cold ‘n’ Tough

Fathers can help breastfeeding Moms

Occupy Wall Street

Tea Party time

skateboard jackers

life sick sucks


gay soldier