Against the Law to Have Just Juan

Against the Law to Have Just Juan, fine artist oil paint, felt, wood bits & pieces, staples, paint residue, Dimensions: 10″ tall more or less, 2011

Installed and left at Home Depot, 387 Charles Street, Providence, Rhode Island (2012).


"home depot"







Time to Cut Your Pelo

Time to Cut Your Pelo, wood, sawdust, fine artist oil paint of the highest caliber, my son’s old shirt, discarded and forgotten art bits, particle board, studio filth/grime, hair, cobwebs, Dimensions: roughly 10 inches tall, 2011





Follow Directions

Follow Directions, rocket to nowhere exhibit, amigos publishing
Follow Directions, fine artist oil paint, fine artist filth, fine artist grime, regular guy staples, wood bits, discarded art, canvas drop-cloth, dimensions vary: more or less under 10″, 2011


Exhibit: “Rocket to Nowhere”



Lila Jarzombek

Jeff Hale

Keith Allyn Spencer




Nov. 11th 6-9PM

more info @


Lila Jarzombek, Untitled, 2010, Mixed media on canvas, 27 x 25.5 inches

Jeff Hale, Untitled, 2011.  Oil on canvas, 16 x 21.25 inches


Randall Cunningham, keithallyn,

Keith Allyn Spencer, Randall Cunningham, oil paint, my son’s old underwear (“Thomas and Friends” edition), studio filth, staples, discarded art bits/wood, size: 10″ tall — more or less (two parts), 2011

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