Past 0ld Friends R Better n d Left

Past 0ld Friends R Better n d Left, oil, old wooden bits and pieces, discarded art fragments, paint residue, staples, 2011, 28/2″ x 6.5493″

Installed and left at Women and Infants Hospital of Rhode Island’s 6th floor family waiting room.


3/4 view

Life S Like a Bowl of Cherries, U Never No What U Gonna Get

Life S Like a Bowl of Cherries, U Never No What U Gonna Get, canvas, spray paint, oil, plywood, discarded triangles, Brown University painting studios floor filth, 2011,19 2/2″ x 7.99483829020938483902894840392″

Installed and lift on abandoned property, 58 Carrington Avenue, Providence, RI 02906


A month later:

It looked as if the property had been cleaned up. The overgrown weeds, trash, and debris which had collected more so than pictured above was removed. The painting was removed, too, tossed onto the floorboard of the porch by the railing.

This was actual proof of a negative reaction towards one of my painting’s public placement, albeit, the second one I’ve actually left outside. I guess not everyone would appreciate the works as I had hoped. Although, I’m not sure I’d take a work left outside for who-knows-how-long, especially with the whole bedbug epidemic I hear about in Rhode Island.

Soul T00 Sole

Soul T00 Sole, discarded fine artist’s oil, Brown University painting studio floor filth, abandoned readymade canvas stretcher wooden corner-chips, canvas, staples, 2011, 75/12″ x 4.37″

3/4 view