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Some information about Keith Allyn Spencer:

The work of Keith Allyn Spencer is like a cartoon of painting. Always exploring new relationships to material and his environment, Spencer tries to undermine any obvious technical abilities, processes, or rationale. Painting is the catalyst of his broader art practice to activating and intervening in public space. He seeks inspiration from a range of sources: home life, domestic objects, forms in nature, and engagement with culture. Allyn searches for ways to destabilize painting — preferring to consider painting as sculpture, as entertainment, as therapy, protest, prank, decoration, and even painting as non-painting.

Born and raised in the Chihuahuan desert of West Texas, Keith currently resides with his family in central Ohio where he is an Assistant Professor of Studio Art at Denison University. He received his MFA in Painting from the Rhode Island School of Design (2011) and a BFA from the University of Texas at El Paso (2003). Recent group exhibitions consist of Central Park Gallery (Los Angeles), Present Company (NYC), New Galerie at Yves Klein Archives (Paris), No Place Gallery (Columbus), and BigMedium (Austin). Recent solo shows include Mr.Distro (Philadelphia), Jelato Love (Spain), Fringe Projects (Miami), Pay Fauxn (NYC), Ditch Projects (Oregon), The Composing Rooms (Berlin), Welcome Screen (London), OFG.XXX (Dallas), Target (Indiana), and Domino’s Pizza (Rhode Island).


Ebaugh Pond Paint sesssion



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STRESS JOY. Committee online exhibition (link)

Online exhibition (2020) of several artists drawing cartoons of their own art practice. (link)

Early Career Faculty Conference about several artists using drawing to break through creative ruts.


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