OxGord Economy Auto Cover

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“OxGord Economy Auto Cover – 1 Layer Dust Cover – Lowest Price – Ready-Fit / Semi Glove Fit fro SUV, Van, and Truck – Fits up to 206 Inches”

Thursday, November 10, 2016 — Daytime

Home Depot, 6110 Lemmon Avenue, Dallas, TX 75209
Walmart Supercenter, 6185 Retail Road, Dallas, TX 75231
Hobby Lobby, 3178 Lavon Drive, Garland, TX 75040
Papa John’s, 3501 McKinney Avenue, Dallas, TX 75204


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Adequate for a dust cover, but I really needed it as sun protection. It offers some relief, but it’s a bit too thin to keep out the heat. Also, it doesn’t have obvious markings to tell which end is front or back when unfolding it. I had to paint markings on it myself to keep from fussing each time I use it. It’s like those booties you get in a hospital, except it’s larger, and worn with the elastic rim down. I guess the description could be little bit more specific about what this cover covers from and not. Anyway, it fits my Jeep Commander well, but looks better on a Nissan Altima full-size sedan or similar. It’s been one week so far, so I cannot attest to its durability.

Rustoleum Spray paint does just that. I used to decorate the surface dried to the touch in only a couple of hours, tacky in 20 minutes. Great for quick art projects. Absorbent material needs either an undercoat of white paint, or get ready to take out your pocketbook. Black looks like dark grey. White looks like light grey. Orange looks like orange-grey and grey looks like grey-grey. Blue only looks like blue because of a doubly white sprayed layer put down beforehand. Can-control is essential so you don’t have a concentrated spot of spray paint dripping through. Plastic Drop Cloths (Common: 10-ft x 25-ft; Actual 10-ft x 25-ft), Item # 593659 Model # RSLW3510-25C do not biodegrade.

Super friendly staff. The staff is so much fun to talk to. The staff are extremely nice, knowledge and down to earth. They always have great things going on for everyone in the family to enjoy, even classes! My daughter has attended camp at the Irving Art’s Center for three years now, so far this year she has been there for 3 weeks. They run all through summer and change weekly so it different so she does not get bored! She loves the staff, which are great, some of the teachers there are art teachers from the Irving ISD. The staff at Solis’s wedding was drunk, but so was everyone else.

I had a wonderful experience at this store. I went in to have some holes drilled into some sheet metal that I was going to mount on my wall. Dona was extremely helpful and found a better way to mount the piece of art. Also, while Dona and I were working on my painting project the rest of her team went and shopped for my list of items I needed. Very happy with the service I received to make my house great again! This associates are extremely knowledgeable and if they are knowledgeable they connect me with the people who are. My favorite associate is Kindrick, he is such an amazing individual with great painting skills. I love this store!

Some of the most kind and friendly Customer Service people are at Walmart! the return and exchange process is easy here. People there, as in fellow customers, are nice, save for the occasional crying baby, but you’ll find that anywhere. It has a subway sandwhich shop inside, which is nice. They even help their employees get food stamps. One thing, or two actually, that can use some work is employee attitude and serviciablity, which has arguably gotten better over the time. Long lines are still a problem. Good Walmart.

I find most of my house decors here, After I just left this location, I have never felt more uncomfortable shopping ever, I had a staff member by the name of Deane literally follow me everywhere i went in store and by everywhere I even mean the restroom, she followed me into the girl restroom and literally waited until I was done with my business and followed me right back out, She even had security follow my family around the store, as my mother and I were about to pay for our items she’s literally walking right behind us, so my mother finally confronts her about her following us and she basically said she found us suspicious how we were walking around the whole store, good thing their workers insurance plans still allows employees to get Viagra and vasectomies.

WTF!!! not pleased!!!! Site says located in McKinney when actually in Dallas. Sleepover ruined!!! Thanks a lot “papa” johns!!!! 14 cents extra my ass