True Facts

Collaboration with Mr. Distro, @misterdistro, titled “True Facts”. Thanks, Mr. Distro! “MR. DISTRO is a mechanism for dispersing limited edition publications from artists near and far. It is located outside Pressure Club in Philadelphia, PA and is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All publications are dispensed out of MR. DISTRO for 1.00 each (4 Quarters) while supplies last.” 

TRUE FACTS 05/2021

(Limited edition double-sided-fold-it-up-put-in-your-back-pocket-forget-about-it-do-laundry-find-it-later screen print)

There are more tigers in captivity in the US than in the wild worldwide. A cumulus cloud weighs about 1 million pounds. Pineapples take roughly two years to grow. Cheetahs can’t roar, they meow. Scientists who work with cockroaches often become allergic to preground coffee.  A woman survived the sinking of both the Titanic and the Britannic. Trained combat dolphins perform dangerous tasks. Your scalp itches when thinking about head lice. Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven invented the readymade. More time separates Tyrannosaurus rex from Stegosaurus than T. rex from puppies today. Nintendo was founded. Bananas are berries. Sharks predate Christmas trees. Anne Frank, Martin Luther King Jr., and Barbara Walters were all born in the same year. When someone says they are not racist, they are racist.


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Nice Fight exhibition

“Nice Fight” was the name of an exhibition by Spencer, K. Allyn and 13 art students in Miami, Florida, March 2021.

Press blurb:

Artist and educator Keith Allyn Spencer and FIU Intermediate and Advanced Sculpture students collaborated on a new body of artwork titled “Nice Fight”. From a series of distanced exchanges, and with consideration to the MBUS exhibition space, Spencer created thirteen paintings to be combined onto a set of student realized sculptures, or “wall things”. The result is a temporary and playful marriage of image and form, structure and surface, promoting curiosities about authorship, chance, interpretation, and the conventions of display. Participants include: Marie Lucie Craan, Imani Fagan, Abril Llerena, Douglas Lora, Fernando Marquez, Alexis Mckinnon, Monia Meluzzi, Marco Ordonez Dominguez, Alondra Samayoa, James Stueck, Sophia Villanueva, Imani Dean and Kaitlin Jackson.

—> Special thanks to my friend and colleague, Tom SciclunaTom Scicluna! Couldn’t ‘ve done it withoutchya! And to the students who participated: “Thank you for your openness and hard work. Could not’ve done this w/out ya’ll, too. Thanks for engaging with what was an invigorating creative endeavor for me that is still unraveling. Thank you so much for that ! *Cheers*


Nice Fight, collaboration. Miami, March 2021.

Nice fightNice fight

Video action I

Video action II

Video Action III

Video action IV

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Nice fight Nice fight1 Nice fight Nice fight