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This brings back many many many memories of my fast-food years of working at Whataburger. Started working there at the end of my junior year in high school, worked all summer and earned enough to buy first car — a 1983 Nissan-Datsun Pulsar hatchback.  It took us on a lot of adventures. In retrospect, it was worth the graveyard shifts and cleaning vomit out of urinals. I think I gained a lot of respect for my fellow service-industry colleagues. If everyone was forced to work fast-food for a period in their life, the world would be a much nicer place.

INSTALLED: Hillside Family and Community Medicine

Hillside Family Community Medicine

Smoke Time S A Gigantic Leisure Screen installed and left at the office of Dr.Sperber in the Hillside Family and Community Medicine  located at 727 East Avenue, Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

Hillside Family Community Medicine



Hillside Family Community Medicine











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Fruity Pebbles

Fruity Pebbles, happy calf

Fruity Pebbles, motor oil paint, dust, hair, mother nature, termite infested wood bits, staples, nails, fine artist drop-cloth. Dimensions vary, 2011

Installation varies. That’s part of why I love these multi-pieces sooo much. They are completely flexible and open-minded with arms spread wide. Install them in a line: side to side or top to bottom, or even diagonally. Cluster them together or imply an outline of  a shape with them. Every setup they integrate my lack of creativity, but don’t confuse these lil’ cuties with being too sweet, they’ll tear the shit out of your wall w/ each installation.



Up To Their Balls N Debt


Up To Their Balls N Debt, the finest artist oil paint, even finer quality watercolour paint, discarded art bits, the strongest staples ever manufactured, and the ugliest/oldest white under-shirt my son ever used. Dimensions: near 8″ tall, 2011

I’d say this is the first time where the “back” of the piece is actually the front now and where the “front” is now the actually back. The sides still remain the sides, no getting around that.