7 months later @ Women and Infants Hospital

"Women and Infants Hospital"

My painting titled, Past 0ld Friends R Better n d Left, was originally installed in the 6th floor waiting-room at the Women and Infants Hospital in Providence, Rhode Island, on the day my wife was being released from the birth of our second baby boy.

Recently she went to visit a dear friend of hers who just gave birth to her own son. My wife remembered the painting I had placed and was curious if it was still there. Her photograph documents the artwork’s installation as lasting an impressive eight months. Wow! It’s hard to believe it’s still there. I say it’s staying forever.






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Still Aloof

"still life", aloof, keithallyn

Still Aloof, oil paint, drop-cloth canvas, art bits, paint grime, 15″ tall -+, 2012


It is seemingly very very very rare when there is a painting I’ve made and actually love it.  Most likely I may look back come a few more weeks or months with a change of heart, but maybe not. This is one of many works that I feel great about. It’s awesome when it happens and it’s also frightening as I realize it may not occur for quite some time. Especially, recently, it feels as though being in the studio has been quite dis-pleasurable. I am a firm believer in working with rigor and discipline, not waiting for that moment of inspiration to strike or relying on external motivational factors to keep the excitement going.  Yet, sometimes, a lil’ nudge is needed. This work happens to be one.