HOT bod 2D ResQ

HOT bod 2D ResQ, plywood panel, KILLZ primer, GOLDEN acrylic, AMERICAN EAGLE bag, 8.12345″ tall -+, 2012     b

Handsaw Massacre

Handsaw Massacre, wood panel, professional artist paint, student grade paint, professional student acrylic paint, found white

Speech Speech Speech Delay

Speech Speech Speech Delay, found purchased wood, purchased found wood, fine academic artist acrylic paint, primer, junk mail,

INSTALLED: Clarke Flowers

  Shadowing Revolutions, oil, grime, canvas, floor debris, paint residue, wood, staples, 2011, 19″ x 11 56/94″

They Grow Up So Fast Not Fast Enough

  They Grow Up So Fast Not Fast Enough, my baby boy’s cotton onesie (unless you have been around babies or have on


  A Man Walked Into A Bar, oil, green chile burlap potato sack, discarded art pieces, staples, 2011, (6+1)” x 3 19/

Emerging Adulthood

Emerging Adulthood, wrinkled cotton t-shirt, staples, academic grade acrylic paint, professional grade acrylic paint, professi

If I Saw You I Would Look at You Then Look Away

If I Saw You I Would Look at You Then Look Away, super fine artist canvas for fine artist painting, academic acrylic paint, s

R to the I to the P

R to the I to the P , plywood, found shirt, acrylic paint, tension, 5.949″ tall -+ (two parts), 2012     &nbs

B xtra Careful 2day

B xtra Careful 2day, wood, pastel, trouble, angst, anxiety, relief, 36/6″ tall -+ (three parts), 2012     &nbs

Billy Taylor #7

  Billy Taylor #7, newfound plywood, acrylic paint, staples, cotton T-shirt found at Billy Taylor Park basketball courts,

Adopt a Dawg

Adopt a Dawg, fine artist fine-artist pastels, fine-artist pastel dust, eraser dust from fine-artist pastel, a pinch of studen


#GOOOOOOOOOOOL-D, repurposed dismantled wooden shelf, fine artist fine pastel, academic acrylic paint, filth, eraser dust, 10

Intergalactic Boombastic

  Intergalactic, acrylic paint, paint contractor’s canvas drop-cloth, plywood, staples, 14 1/43″ tall -+, 20

You ll Always B Missd

You ll Always B Missd, found shirt, painter’s paint, plywood, two staples, hard time, but not hard time like prison time

Wherever U R There U Go

Wherever U R There U Go, slat board, found Boston Celtics basketball jersey via Billy Taylor Park, staples, sore inner-thigh m

almost Relevant

almost Relevant, fine artist’s fine art pastel, fine pastel dust, sample board from interior design company given to Pa