workone, bloomington, in

Sometimes I Feel 100 Sometimes I Feel 12 installed and left at WorkOne,450 S. Landmark Avenue, Bloomington, IN.


workone, bloomington


Sometimes I Feel 100 Sometimes I Feel 12


By far, this sculpture, has been one of my all time favorites. It was a sort of pivotal piece in that it allowed me to break a few of my own rules and not feel bad about it. Painting on the front became okay here and bringing the actual armature of the piece forward was a new component for my painting repertoire. Eventually the wood structure became directly conspicuous and was able to meander back and forth, covered and not, from the back to front like an adopted child — no problem.

So why let it go?? Why install it, leaving it behind for someone who may not give a damn? Or rather, why not leave it behind for them? At the end of the day, it’s a sacrifice, a gift to the painting gods, an atonement for my prejudice against what I/we/you might deem the unsophisticated, unaware and uncultured. OR, I just wanted to mess with somebody’s day, baffle them and provoke them to handle the painting, take it home and hang it on their own wall or throw it in the trash. It’s a pivotal point for them — monetary value aside, what is thing worth? My soul is in their hands. Besides, everyone needs a little helps sometimes.