Tengo Miedo

Tengo Miedo, ink sandwiched between two vinyl sheets, no paint (officially a drawing). Size: Blankie. 2O19.



other side


install shot bang bang







All You All

All You All, acrylic and oil paint and marker paint sandwiched between two vinyl sheets. Size: Shower Curtain. 2o19.




front side, or maybe backside…unsure



detailed details


Longest ‘Yeah Boy’ Ever

Longest ‘Yeah Boy’ Ever”, ink, some pastel, paint marker, oil, Gamsol, and banana bread sandwiched between vinyl. Size: Snuggie Americana Blanket (not including Limited Edition Snuggie Socks). 2O19.











Boring Business

Boring Business, ink, acrylic and oil paint, Gamsol, two large transparency sheets. Size: twin size bed blanket. 1988.,






Turkey Leg

Turkey Leg, liquid pigment sandwiched between plastic drop cloths. Size: 108.9382032″ x 144.29389929388293302330″. 2018-2019.