No Mo Apologiez

No Mo Apologiez, found and re-purposed construction-site plywood, amateur acrylic paint for professionals. Size: XL. 2016. no

You Aint From ‘ere. Dont Come ‘ere

You Aint From ‘ere. Dont Come ‘ere, found abandoned plywood, laser jet acrylic medium professional artist transfer

Comfort Return

Comfort Return, professional artist cotton canvas, paint, grime, baby onesie pajamas, found lost-n-found Disney bikini strap,

Illegally Blind

Breathing & Running

Breathing & Running, “Golden Acrylics” cotton t-shirt made w/ “Liquitex” acrylic paint and everyda


Incomun!cado, plywood strips, old socks (kidz and toddlerz), Angry Birds pajama scraps, pieces of 10 year old swimming trunks

2 da Store 2 Buy NUTHIN

2 da Store 2 Buy NUTHIN, American Red Cross cotton t-shirt from YMCA lost-n-found and acrylic paint for fine artist professio

Simon Oldfield Gallery

Knock Off Shop with Michael Pybus featuring Keith Allyn Spencer, part of Honeymoon Suite exhibit @ Simon Oldfield Gallery &#

Perfect for this momenT

Perfect for this momenT, kid socks, toddler socks, Angry Birds pajamas, Old Navy kid pants scraps, baby onesie,  portion of 1

You can form a Frontline Dfense Battalion of Idiots With All of the Above.

You can form a Frontline Dfense Battalion of Idiots With All of the Above., purchased Hanes cotton t-shirt because Michael Air


000,000,000, not lost-n-found t-shirt from Target (made in Haiti, hopefully in humane working conditions), acrylic and bleach

Unforgettable Moments Deserve Perfect Marshmallows

Unforgettable Moments Deserve Perfect Marshmallows, found Reebok long sleeve t-shirt from YMCA lost-n-found,  acrylic and ble

#Guns #for Everyone First, #Healthcare for Everyone Second (For the #Bullet Wounds)

#Guns #for Everyone First,  #Healthcare for Everyone Second (For the #Bullet Wounds), found lost-n-found Reebok t-shirt,  ac

Teeth Grind

Teeth Grind, found Pac-Man T-shirt from YMCA lost n found, acrylic paint/pain and bleach.  Dimensions: Large. 2014.