Consuela Jimenez





Installed and left Consuela Jimenez at the United States Post Office branch located at 24 Corliss St # 100.

I had been meaning to install a painting here for a while since my family and I frequent this branch quite often, but I always hesitated for some reason or another (too many customers around, lingering employees, and paranoia).  This time around seemed perfect as I was about to exit the building; however, as soon as I placed the painting, I realized that a front/help desk postal worker was watching me the whole time from a convex security mirror. I skipped out before photographing the installation. A confrontation in here, federal property, worried me a bit. Maybe they’d be concern it was a bomb or something so I preferred not to take the extra second to take the pic and find out. I bolted. usps providence, keithallyn, painting, graffiti, streetart, intervention

BUT Then, I went back the next day to see if I could luckily grab a pic still and there it was, in the same place I had left it. I couldn’t believe it. Maybe she hadn’t noticed or maybe she didn’t care.

Not originally getting the photo bummed me out and made me realize it is not completely just about the gesture as I had always convinced myself. The documentation is fairly important, too. For one, it’s proof of the act and two, I enjoy looking back and reminiscing about the moment. Don’t get me wrong, the photo document is not the art…or maybe it is, whatever. If I can get a photo of it, I will; but, I won’t be hiring a professional photographer any time soon.



Consuela Jimenez, oil, SpongeBob Square Pants pajama bottoms-size 5T, discarded art stretcher (reborn), staples, 2011, 10 1/19″ x 6 5/6″

backside revealed


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