Still Aloof

"still life", aloof, keithallyn

Still Aloof, oil paint, drop-cloth canvas, art bits, paint grime, 15″ tall -+, 2012


It is seemingly very very very rare when there is a painting I’ve made and actually love it.  Most likely I may look back come a few more weeks or months with a change of heart, but maybe not. This is one of many works that I feel great about. It’s awesome when it happens and it’s also frightening as I realize it may not occur for quite some time. Especially, recently, it feels as though being in the studio has been quite dis-pleasurable. I am a firm believer in working with rigor and discipline, not waiting for that moment of inspiration to strike or relying on external motivational factors to keep the excitement going.  Yet, sometimes, a lil’ nudge is needed. This work happens to be one.