A Man Walked Into A Bar, oil, green chile burlap potato sack, discarded art pieces, staples, 2011, (6+1)” x 3 19/20″.

Installed at Walmart located at 51 Silver Spring Street, Providence, Rhode Island (8/2012).




Don’t know who runs this Walmart, but it is a mess. The room of which the painting was installed used to be a bank inside the building. Apparently, the bank moved out leaving a clean, pristine white-walled cubed space. Initially, I wanted to propose a little exhibit, perhaps, even curating various items on sale within the store to be displayed simultaneously next to the artworks; but, by the time I went back, sure enough it became the “Clearance” section — or rather the store dump. They might as well have a sign as you enter saying “Take me. FREE!!”, ‘cuz I doubt they have a any record of what exactly is piled upon the piles in there.


They’ve got tons of hunting camo t-shirts for real cheap. Git er dun!