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hel…p, oil on stretched canvas. Size: picnic blanket. 20I9.            

I Don’t Get Paid Until You Get Paid

I Don’t Get Paid Until You Get Paid, professional acrylic paint on professional plastic tarps. Size: King Size Comforter. 1997.         flip the script     detailed detail        


KSWERIFOR, plastic mattress bags, Rust-Oleum inverted marking paint, magnets, props. Size: Full. 2019.       details             mo’ details’ details      


Weak Sauce, You Do You, Get You A Man Who Can Do Both, Peekaboo (combined w/ props).   minus Get You A Man Who Can Do Both   detail of a detailed detail   minus Get You A Man Who Can Do Both    


Everybody Lacks Confidence   On the Clifff Act Like You Are Quiet Lying Down So Comfy Doubting The Refrigerator Closing Completely        


  People Do It, installed


Fruit, Fan, Packaged Granola Bar, Pain Reliever Medicine, Packaged Gum, Remote Controls, Extension Ladder, Fire Alarm, Night Lights, Automatic Timer, Extension Cord, Towel Rack, Coffee Mug, Mini Fridge, High Chair, Chargers, Lost-n-Found T-shirts, Spray bottle, Comb, Aluminum Soda Can, Kitchen Cupboard Items, Dish sponge, Lawn Furniture, Medical Instruments, Floor mats, Broom/Mop Wall Mount, GPS, Tongs, […]


  You Can Just Feel Everybody Hating You Right Now installed at General Public Collective, Indianapolis, Indiana for Physical Comedy. Props and Prop.    

Textiles Dept

INSTALLED: Carousel Village Roger Williams Park

  Slipping N2 Comparison 4D Sake Of Good S Madness installed and left at the Carousel Village at Roger Williams Park, 1000 Elmwood Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island. Family fun entertainment for over one thousand years!        Slipping N2 Comparison 4D Sake Of Good S Madness, oil, canvas, discarded art wood and canvas, staples, 2011, […]

INSTALLED: Mt. Hope Recreation Center

Tha Odyssey of Tha Mind, paint contractor’s canvas drop-cloth, student grade acrylic paint, discarded/found Hope High School “Community Haunted High School” plywood signage, staples, 7.33″ tall +-, 2013 Installed and left at Mt. Hope Recreation Center, 438 Hope Street, Providence, Rhode Island.      


      pastel on paper/magazine

#MadArtTaste – awkward family portraits


#MadArtTaste – JR Smith


studio visit

Paint Happy



    We didn’t get to spend enough time with him thru the years. My condolences for the lost of your father. He is in God”s hands now. Your father is happy and with no pain anymore. Give my condolence to Pat. Take care I am sorry to hear about your loss. Jerrome Spencer and Keith Allyn […]


    Grow Hair to Lower Back, Cut & Donate it to Locks of Love Offer to Remodel a Less Fortunate One’s Kitchen Be a “Big Brother/Sister” with the Boys and Girls Club Adopt a Highway Give Your Grandparents a Foot Massage Plant a Tree Fill a Large Trash Bag With Litter from the Street […]

INSTALLED: Providence Library – Rochambeau Branch

We take and take and take. Sometimes we’ve got to give back — Providence Library – Rochambeau Branch, 708 Hope Street, Providence, RI