Grow Hair to Lower Back, Cut & Donate it to Locks of Love

Offer to Remodel a Less Fortunate One’s Kitchen

Be a “Big Brother/Sister” with the Boys and Girls Club

Adopt a Highway

Give Your Grandparents a Foot Massage

Plant a Tree

Fill a Large Trash Bag With Litter from the Street

Prevent Illegal Whaling

Donate Groceries to the Needy

Sweep Your Neighbors Porch

Donate 1% of Your Income to an Artist

Send a Bouquet of Flowers to a Bedridden Person

Defend a Stranger in a Street Fight

Baby-sit Your Friend’s Children for a Couple Hours

Help Prevent Forest Fires

Tutor Illiterate Adults to Read

Upkeep a Community Garden for One Year

Give Blood

Start a Donation Drive

Aid an Illegal Immigrant to Gain Citizenship

Host a Block Party

Dress Up as Spiderman and Visit Sick Children in a Hospital

Subscribe to Your Local Newspaper

Open the Door For a Stranger

Give Your Spouse the Day Off

Kindly Take a Telemarketing Survey

Buy a Homeless Person a Meal

Donate a $100 Worth of Toys to Toys for Tots

Replace Worn/Missing Basketball Nets at Your Local Park

Be the Elementary School Crosswalk Guard

Give an Unusually High Tip to a Waiter/Waitress

Rid of Unwanted Neighborhood Graffiti

Give Your Baby’s Old Clothes to that Nice Lady Who Works at the Laundromat

Make Dinner for Parents of a Newborn Baby

Host a Potluck

Purchase a Plane Ticket for a Parent to Visit His/Her Child

Help A Person Stranded on the Side of the Road

Donate your Wedding Dress

Assemble a Tangible Photo Album for an Old Family Friend

Adopt a Pet

Donate Blood

Spend Time Conversing with the Elderly at a Retirement Home

Petition to Demolish a Decrepit Building

Volunteer at an Animal Shelter

Prevent a Home Foreclosure

Start a Scholarship Fund

Establish an Artists Residency for Only Artists with Families

Call and Pay for a Taxi Cab Ride Home for an Intoxicated Person

Be an Organ Donor

Register to Vote and Participate Regularly in Elections

Read Books Often to Children at a Nearby Preschool HeadStart Program

Give Back to Your Hometown

Upkeep an Elder’s Yard

Purchase a Round of Coffee and Donuts for an Alcoholics Anonymous Meeting

Like Something on Facebook,

Dismiss Old Grudges

Anonymously Purchase Several Pizzas to be Delivered to a Fire Station

Be a Surrogate Mother

Pick up a Hitch-Hiker

Hire a Felon

Add Time to an Expired Parking Meter

Provide Cleaning Supplies to a Battered-Women’s Shelter

Notify a Person If/When They Have Something on Their Face

Participate with End of School Campus Celebration Activities

Mail $20 Cash to a Random Residential Address

Buy a Round of Drinks

Buy a Round of Drinks to All in the Establishment

Jump-Start a Random Stranger’s Automobile

Help a Friend Move

Invite a Couple of Unrelated Soldiers to Thanksgiving Dinner

Start or Maintain a Neighborhood Watch Program

Deliver Bad News

Coach a Child-Sports Team

Organize a Large Event to Strengthen a Community’s Economy

Pay for the Removal of a Gang Tattoo

Buy a Lemonade from a Lemonade Stand

Show Your Mailman How Greatly Appreciated He Is

Take Your Children and Their Best-Friends to Chuck E. Cheese

Donate Your Used/Brand New Prom Dress

Take Care of Your Colleague’s Pet During the Winter Holidays

Let Your Neighbor Use Your WiFi

Organize a Flash Mob

Donate to the Alzheimer’s Association

ReTweet a Request to Your Thousands of Twitter followers

Don’t Honk at an Elderly Person Driving Badly

Allow Your Child to Play Only a Few Hours of Videogames Per Day

Take the Bus to Work Instead of Your Automobile

Prepay for Your Funeral Expenses

Throw a Baby Shower


Do Not Bother Your Landlord with Problems You Can Easily Solve

Place Someone Else’s Shopping Cart into the Outside Shopping Cart Bin

Let the Other Person Go First

Do Something Good and Don’t Tell Anyone