Proof Positive of Negative Results: “Life S Like a Bowl of Cherries, U Never No What U Gonna Get”


A month after the painting was installed outside the front of an abandoned house I realized it was finally gone; however, as I slowly drove by, I could barely make out a pinkish hue coming off the floor of the front porch. There it lie, tossed aside, my first proof of a negative encounter between the painting and public viewer.

Life S Like a Bowl of Cherries, U Never No What U Gonna Get


All of the overgrown weeds, bushes, and collected trash and debris had been removed. Someone apparently came to clean up the property, but why not toss the painting in the trash with the other garbage?

Maybe it was a slight nod by the workman for me to re-install it if I ever returned or maybe it was a gesture of disapproval. ???

Nonetheless, this is the only second painting I have left outside and I’m starting to believe they resonate more with a traditional graffiti agenda than the ones I leave inside public places which I feel associate with a populist/gift economy agenda. Although, I have no idea if the paintings I’ve installed inside public venues are actually regarded as a gift from those who encounter them, or as a nuisance quickly tossed in the garbage.

I haven’t decided if I will reposition, replace it with a different painting, leave it there on the floor, or just forget about the whole thing.

…to be continued…