INSTALLED: SpeeDee Oil Change


SpeeDee oil change, happycalf, keithallyn

Control S A Means Of Social Sin installed and left at SpeeDee Oil Change, 985 North Main Street Providence, RI.

SpeeDee oil change, providence


You might notice that the way the painting was originally photographed and the way it was recently installed at SpeeDee differ by 180 degrees. This wasn’t caused by nervous jitters. Switching the orientation was intentional beforehand. I actually couldn’t stand this painting and was more than willing to let it go, BUT, since flipping it,  I’m a lil’ sad that we’ve parted ways. That slight up-side-down shift has made it completely anew for me. It’s as if the painting went for rehabilitation and came out a new person, the same person, but a new 10 pound chubbier, skin glowing, hair done person — the person we knew before all the drugs, prostitution, robbing, gambling with their own life, no regard for their loved ones constantly worrying if he/she is dead or in prison, bad attitude, eye rolling, beer chugging, vodka guzzling, throat clearing, booger-eyed, DUIs, drunk stumbling and tumbling.