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“Find the 2 and you will be kissed tomorrow. 555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555555: A Car Show”  Saturday, June 24, 6:00pm – 8:00pm Peter Piper Pizza parking lot Yarbrough Plaza 10501 Gateway West El Paso, TX 79925     Six new paintings on car covers look to promote US/Mexican border culture awareness by subverting conventional art making ideas through […]

OxGord Economy Auto Cover – 1 Layer Dust Cover – Lowest Price – Ready-Fit / Semi Glove Fit fro SUV, Van, and Truck – Fits up to 206 Inches

    OFG.XXX / PUSHKIN & GOGOL / Kevin Rubén Jacobs presents: “OxGord Economy Auto Cover – 1 Layer Dust Cover – Lowest Price – Ready-Fit / Semi Glove Fit fro SUV, Van, and Truck – Fits up to 206 Inches” by Keith Allyn Spencer Thursday, November 10, 2016 — Daytime Home Depot, 6110 Lemmon […]

Ditch Projects

Keith Allyn Spencer: Thank God I am Not God April 9 – 30, 2016 Opening Saturday, April 9, 6-9pm “Energy, especially that of color, is the most important element in Keith [Spencer’s] landscape and figure paintings that come to life with no formal studies other than a rudimentary midnight sketch using more notes than lines. […]

200 N. Walnut, coffee and donuts, 3/20, 9am

I will bring the coffee AND donuts, you just bring your sleepy head. Join me Sunday morning while I paint a billboard space on the corner of 6th and Walnut in Bloomington, Indiana. Thanks to Ana Meza and Rose Harding from the Your Art Here organization for asking me to participate on this project. / […]

INSTALLED: AMC Showcase Bloomington 11

No Skateboarding, Rollerblading, BMXing, OR Grinding, installed and left at AMC Showcase Bloomington 11, 1351 S College Mall Rd, Bloomington, IN 47401.

INSTALLED: Jump-N-Joey’s

Installed and left at Jump-N-Joey’s, 108 North Curry Pike, Bloomington, IN 47404. It S Just Like Dat, wood, paint residue, laser-jet print on paper, flour-paste, staple, 2012       Is the title of the establishment meant to be read as “Jumping Joey’s” or as “Jump and Joey’s”? If the former, wouldn’t it make more […]

INSTALLED: Monroe County Public Health Clinic

Makes You Big and Strong installed at Monroe County Public Health Clinic located at 333 E. Miller Drive, Bloomington, Indiana.       the best is when there s already a nail in the wall waiting for me


Installed and left at Pizza Hut, located at 110 E. Winslow Road, Bloomington, Indiana.        pOnytail eXpress, ol’ dirty dishrag, various plywood parts, professional student grade acrylic paint, staples. 11.11″ tall +-, 2013        

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Andrew Mania Blue Stripes 2007 Coloured pencil on maple veneer and cloth. The Honeymoon Suite Simon Oldfield Gallery 12th June – 11th July 2014 Private view invitation Wednesday 11th June 2014 6 – 8pm   Bruce Ingram and Andrew Mania Simon Foxall and Matthew Robert Hughes Michael Pybus and Keith Allyn Spencer Bruce Ingram, Simon […]

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Looks on Paper DITCH PROJECTS 303 S. 5th Avenue #165 Springfield OR 97477 March 15-29 Opening reception Saturday March 15, 6-9 PM Ditch Projects is pleased to present LOOKS ON PAPER, curated by Calvin Marcus (Los Angeles, CA) and Donald Morgan (Eugene, OR), a group show of works on paper by Alex Becarra, Ben Brunnemer, […]

2K14 Mix-CD — Amigos Publishing

    AMIGOS #3 of Volume 1 — 2K14 mix-CDs $1 40 tracks of painting-inspired sounds Click HERE or HERE and maybe HERE . Check out some other great stuff you have probably never heard of in your whole entire life!  

INSTALLED: Neighbor’s House

  The painting was installed and left in my dear neighbor’s house. A nice guy with a real nice little family with kids the same age as ours — He asked if we would take care of his cats while they left for Thanksgiving break. I obliged and thought it opportune to leave a little […]


Sometimes I Feel 100 Sometimes I Feel 12 installed and left at WorkOne,450 S. Landmark Avenue, Bloomington, IN.       By far, this sculpture, has been one of my all time favorites. It was a sort of pivotal piece in that it allowed me to break a few of my own rules and not feel […]


  Leaving La Vida Loca installed and left at Target, 2966 E. 3rd Street, College Mall, Bloomington, IN.          

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BIG MEDIUM GALLERY at BOLM Transatlantic-Texas Illustration, mark-making, and painting by 15 artists from Texas and 15 from Europe. Featuring techniques, narratives, and sensibilities that offer solutions to the encumbered existence of image-makers and appreciators alike. Texas Seth Alverson (Houston), Briar Bonifacio (Austin), Ryan Thayer Davis (Austin), Wayne Moon Dean (Bryan/College Station), Nathan Ellefson (Austin), […]


There S A Snake N My Boot installed and left at Kroger, located at 528 S College Ave, Bloomington, IN 47403.         This painting wan’t necessarily one of my favorites for quite some time. I had wrapped it up, put it away and for some reason it was calling out to me from […]

INSTALLED: Holiday Inn Express

  Angel Aragon installed and left at Holiday Inn Express, 5500 Tuttle Crossing Blvd, Dublin, Ohio 43016.   After a long road trip, hauling a trailer full of your belongings and traveling with your lovely wife, a six year old and a terrible-two toddler, and stalling out in five o’clock traffic, nothing beats getting a 40% discount […]

INSTALLED: Chips Auto Transport

Door-Stop Thief Faces 15 2 20, installed and left at Chips Auto Transport, 295 Union Street, East Walpole, Massachusetts.         oil, canvas, several different wooden door stops, paint residue, staples, 2011, 6 1/4″ x 6 3/88″   I highly highly recommend using Chips if your transporting your vehicle long distances — very polite, […]

INSTALLED: American Painting and Sandblasting, Inc.

  Wake Up and Smell installed and left at American Painting and Sandblasting, 45 Reservoir Road, Coventry, Rhode Island. bad photography happens when you are scared of getting beat up by a friendly, but scary looking biker dude(s)