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The photos document an exploration and an exploitation of the graffiti buff-mark. Inspiration is derived from stripe and block-like shapes that are left from the daily effects of community volunteers and government workers painting over graffiti. Abnormal shapes are painted onto the wall of a building, sometimes covering written scrawl and other times not. The murals I portray are set to challenge traditional graffiti and graffiti-erasure methods, while hedging between the two.

Old Shooters Waterfront Café

Old EP Saddle Blanket

Oregon and Schuster

Mesa near Coronado HS

Copia and Alameda


Paisano Exit near Sunland Park

Resler I-10 East on-ramp

Missouri Avenue & I-10 West

Missouri Avenue

I-10 east under Spaghetti Bowl

I-10 & Raynolds