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Boot Scoot n Boogie

Boot Scoot n Boogie, oil on panels. Size:M. 2020.               no 3/4 view for you, no even lighting for you, no nothing…this is 2020.    

Misleading Experts

Misleading Experts, oils ons woods panels. Size: XS. 2020     front view           three-quarter view           VH1 music video        

Living Every Dream

  Living Every Dream, oil on wood panels. Size: XS. 2020     full frontal   3/4 viewing pleasure         MTV music video

The Joy of Stress with Loretta LaRoche DVD

The Joy of Stress with Loretta LaRoche DVD, oil paint on wood panels. Size: Medium. 2020.  

Impossible Question

Impossible Question, oil paint on stretched canvas. Size: breakfast nook tabletop. 202O.  

Understand You Do Not Understand

Understand You Do Not Understand, oil paint on canvas. Size: 65″ flat screen tv 4k. 202o.                 3/4 viewing pleasure        



Candy Breath

Candy Breath, oil  paint on stretched abandoned painting with wooden frame(s). Size: love seat. 202o.            

Hate My Dumb Life

Hate My Dumb Life, oil paint on abandoned student oil painting with Oriented-Strand Board fine artist frame. Size: rug. 20\9.         3/4 viewing pleasure

Illuminati Confirmed

Illuminati Confirmed, oil on gesso on fine artist stretched canvas. Size: 51.302382″ x 49.89393893″. 2OL9.     fire alarm, sprinkler, electrical outlet, and some other outlet for scale       install any way you want more bang for your buck       3/4 viewing pleasure detailed detail     white guy smile sorry

Mini Frosted Donuts

Mini Frosted Donuts, oil on gesso on canvas on fine artist frame. Size: Picnic blanket. 20l9.     electrical outlet for scale     body for scale


Shindig, oil paint on student grade abandoned stretched canvas. Size: Coffee Table. Z019.     The frame: part protection, part mark.     3/4 viewing pleasure detailed detail      


hel…p, oil on stretched canvas. Size: picnic blanket. 20I9.            

Rectangle With Holes

Rectangle With Holes, oil on stretched canvas. Size: backyard pool diving board. 20l9.          

Top Ten Dog Plays

Top Ten Dog Plays, oil on abandoned stretched canvas. Size: welcome mat. 20|9.     3/4 view viewing pleasure       trying to see what happens when you put paint on canvas        

Bubble Bath

Bubble Bath, oil paint on abandoned stretched painting with Oriented Strand Board (OSB) wooden artist’s frame. Size: welcome floor mat. 20l9.          

Largest Island in a Lake on an Island in a Lake on an Island

Largest Island in a Lake on an Island in a Lake on an Island, paint between plastic. Size: XXXXXL. 20|9.   , , , , ,                       fold it,                                

Luck or Skill

Luck or Skill, oil paint, ink, sandwiched between plastic paintings tarps. Size: double car garage door (extended). 2ol9.         there’s about 3.1 million different ways to install this painting.      

Cereal Yogurt Banana

Cereal Yogurt Banana, plastic drop cloth, oil paint, plastic party table covers. Size: Garage Door. 201g.       (install shot: folded almost in half)   full frontal viewpoint perspective        

National Napping Day

National Napping Day, vinyl sheeting, acetate, plastic picnic table party cover, oil paint, ink, grommets, magnets. Size: living room rug. 20I9. front-side and/or backside